Bonnie's Amazing Story of God's Redeeming Love
At the age of 21, Bonnie's life and marriage was falling apart due to her deep involvement in the drug culture.  She knew she was a failure and thought the only way to have peace was to take her life.

As she planned her suicide, little did she know God was about to change her life forever.  She decided to watch a movie as she waited for her husband to go to sleep so she could carry out her plan.  She came across a preacher sharing about the Love of God.

That night Bonnie gave her heart to Jesus.  Not only did God save her life that night, but He saved her marriage.  Her hippie husband gave his heart to Jesus too.  One year later the Lord called him to preach the Gospel.  Bonnie  and her husband have been faithfully serving the Lord in the pastorate since 1979.