Bonnie has shared her story as a keynote motivational and seminar speaker for over thirty years.  Some of the topics she speaks on are:
  1.               Joy in the Journey
    Run your race with perseverance Hebrews 12:1-3 Even in the middle of a storm in your life you can have peace and joy by keeping your eyes on Jesus and not the storm.
    Joy in the Journey
  2.            Who I Am In The Lord
    From a Pothead to a Preacher's wife Bonnie shares her testimony on how she came to know the Lord. Just hours from carrying out her plan to commit suicide - God showed up! Hear her amazing story of God's redeeming love.
    Who I Am In The Lord
  3.          My Home Is My Mission Field
    A woman's number one mission field is her home. In this timely talk, Bonnie shares insight from God's word to instruct and encourage women of her high calling as a wife, mother and grandmother
    My Home Is My Mission Field
  4. Attitudes, Attire & Actions of a Godly Woman
    What does God expect from the Christian woman in her attitudes? Attire - does her dress & outward appearance show that she's a Jesus girl? Or, does her appearance cause others to stumble - especially men? What about her actions? How does God expect us to react to others?
    Attitudes, Attire & Actions of a Godly Woman
  5. Lessons Learned Through Losses
    Bonnie shares the valuable lessons the Lord taught her through miscarriage, her parents and sisters death with cancer, and her grandson still born at 40 weeks two days before his due date. She has learned that God's grace is sufficient for anything we go through in life
    Lessons Learned Through Losses
  6. Busyness in Not Godliness
    In this talk, Bonnie shares about how Satan loves to keep Christians busy doing things for God so they don't have time to spend with God through Bible Study and prayer
    Busyness in Not Godliness